Part CLXIII – Running with a Goal

A quick post tonight (as I need to pack up and get on the road). I just wanted to share about last weekend’s run.

I was in town last Saturday (after being let go from one of my jobs the previous day). I wasn’t that broken up about the job ending although I do miss my coworkers. Anyway, as always, I scheduled the day’s run for the afternoon and built the day around it. I headed off up the St George’s Road trail until I eventually ran out of trail and moved into the suburban streets. The sun was halfway warm until about 1645 when the clouds closed in (no rain though). I dawdled through Coburg until eventually I hit Sydney Road. I followed the Upfield Bike Path home

The pace was a bit sub-par but not as bad as I’d feared. It was too late to make it to vigil Mass and so instead I headed up to the East Brunswick Hotel for a few beers and some chips, and a book.

Saturday went well.


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