Part CLXV – Another late night

This is a legacy post (meaning I started it and didn’t go back to it) from two Tuesdays ago, when I was still at the job I no longer have. I recall that it wasn’t a bad run up the St George’s Road trail, although I’d probably have gone up the less-populous Merri Creek Trail if I’d realised how truly blotchy and crap I looked…

Blotchy AF

That evening I went into the blood bank for the usual plasma donation and found my blood pressure was well up, which surprised me. From there, I went to the PR&Co office to get some handover work done. Against my intentions I wound up getting the last tram home again! The only perk of this was to see Lygon Street nearly deserted.

I have definitely reached the stage where working until stupid o’clock has lost its appeal.

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