Part XXXVI – Guilt

I feel a bit guilty tonight.

It’s a Wednesday night and I’ve wanted to run for two evenings now. Have I? Nope. I’m mid-trial (as well as working from the office again – hooray!). The thing about trials is that you spend your day in Court (or in this case, in a barrister’s chambers with the trial proceeding through Zoom). Then when proceedings are finished you go back to the office and try and get a handle on your paid work. Monday night I left the office at 10:00pm. Last night I left at 10:15pm. Tonight I left at 10:40pm. Running adds an hour-plus onto the trip home, so on the last two nights I’ve walked instead and tonight caught the tram (on the plus side, this last saw me meet a mysterious former client!).

It’s a real shame as the nights have been chilly but otherwise good for running.

It might not be such a bad thing: a bit of rest should sort that tendon out. But in the other hand, I’ve been eating a lot and not running can’t be healthy.

At least at the weekend I’m going up country. With a little luck I’ll get my miles made up then.

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