Part IV – In the sunlight

After my last post I got in another run, on Thursday. It had been a difficult day at work and I was keen to sweat it out. I decided to head along the Yarra, then over the Morrell Bridge and then to weasel my way through Richmond and Fitzroy. I didn’t quite get the 12-13 kilometres I had in mind but at least I got some miles up, even if my legs were tired by the end.

Today I tried another benchmark run, at one of my favourite places to go running: the Melbourne bayside. The temperature was in the low twenties and the sun was shining brightly.

I got underway from the St Kilda Sea Baths and headed southwards. My goal was to go for a bit over ten kilometres and then turn around. The path is pretty well flat for the first 7 kilometres or so and then takes to climbing and undulating in the next 3 kilometres into Sandringham. It was good to get out and see somewhere different from the trail I usually run on near my place, and especially to see lots of other runners and cyclists. The salt air smelled good, save for the parts where the current and wind didn’t reach and the bay water was stagnant (these bits smelled like a busted sewer line).

I was a bit stiff still from Thursday’s run and really had to force myself to keep going (at a snail’s pace) in the last three kilometres. Troublingly, my knee was playing up again on any downhill gradient.

St Kilda beach was popular today!

In the end, my pace was actually worse than my last benchmark run. I probably should have thrown in another rest day an run tomorrow. Well, no matter: The miles are in the can and that alone is satisfying.

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